MPSA President appears on Missouri Viewpoints

Two weeks ago, the Missouri House of Representatives followed the lead of the Missouri Senate and voted to override Governor Nixon’s veto of SB509 which cuts future individual and business state income taxes severely.  According to state estimates, the bill will cost the state of Missouri $620 million annually when fully implemented.

The morning prior to the House vote, Missouri Public School Advocates President Gary Sharpe recorded a segment on “Missouri Viewpoints with Mike Ferguson” and talked about the negative impact these cuts would have on Missouri Public Schools.  As Sharpe points out in the Video, the Foundation Formula for Missouri Public Schools is already underfunded by an estimated $600 million.  And several other important education programs for kids such as Parents as Teachers, Student Transportation, and Professional Development for Staff have received severe cuts or have been eliminated over the past few years.

Sharpe says that two items most clearly demonstrate the lack of support for the Public Schools by the Missouri General Assembly.  First, Missouri teachers rank near the bottom among the states in salaries and are paid $10,000 less per teacher than the national average.  And secondly, the state of Missouri ranks 49th in the nation in the percentage of state support for Public School spending when compared with local and federal funding amounts.

To watch the full interview, click HERE.