Response from MPSA President Gary Sharpe to Gov. Nixon’s State of the State Address

On Tuesday evening, January 21, Governor Jay Nixon acted as a true advocate for Missouri Public Schools by recommending nearly $500 million in increased STATE funding.  Such action by the STATE is long overdue and is a clarion call for all Missourians who care about the public schools to spring into action.

Nixon’s budget recommendations include Early Childhood increases of $20 million for the Missouri Preschool Program, $8.5 million for the First Steps Program, and $1 million for Parents as Teachers.  For Elementary and Secondary Education, he recommends increases of $278 MILLION FOR THE STATE FOUNDATION FORMULA, $15 million for School Transportation, $12.4 million dollars for the Missouri Assessment Program, $10.4 million for high needs special education students, and a one-time $10 million to expand broadband capacity for schools to enhance online technology capabilities.