Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty

On January 16, the Washington Post published an article by Lyndsey Layton about poverty in the schools. The article online includes a graphic mapping poverty in schools state-by-state. The graphic indicates that 45 percent of students in public schools in Missouri are “low-income.” Layton also gets into what effects this is having on children’s education across America. For … Continue reading

Protect Our Local Schools — Vote NO on Amendment 3

We want to bring your attention to Amendment 3 and the Protect Our Local Schools campaign.  Amendment 3 is a ballot initiative that, if approved by voters, will affect education employees’ careers, our students’ education and our communities.  It has the power to change Missouri’s public schools as we know them.  Every educator and community … Continue reading

MPSA President appears on Missouri Viewpoints

Two weeks ago, the Missouri House of Representatives followed the lead of the Missouri Senate and voted to override Governor Nixon’s veto of SB509 which cuts future individual and business state income taxes severely.  According to state estimates, the bill will cost the state of Missouri $620 million annually when fully implemented. The morning prior to … Continue reading

Lobbyists gifts to legislators need to end

State Representative John Wright in a March 23 Post Dispatch article shows the need for an end to lobbyists’ gifts to our legislators.  He states, “Lobbyist gifts to Missouri legislators and other public officials surpassed $968,000 in 2013 according the Missouri Ethics Commission data.  That’s the total value of sports tickets, dinners, concert tickets, golfing … Continue reading

Be Careful What You Sign

Petition gatherers are seeking signatures for what they call the Teach Great Initiative (a proposed Missouri constitutional amendment).  In some instances they are telling potential signers they represent the “TEACHGREAT organization, a grass-root group of educators interested in keeping better teachers in public schools.” What the petition hopes to accomplish according to the website is:  “teachers … Continue reading

Missouri K-12 Underfunding by School District

Last week, the Missouri Budget Project came out with an important report containing information on just how much Missouri schools are underfunded. The key findings from the report include: State funding for K-12 education is currently $656 million under its required levels; Nearly 2 out of every 3 of Missouri’s school districts are underfunded by … Continue reading