Lobbyists gifts to legislators need to end

State Representative John Wright in a March 23 Post Dispatch article shows the need for an end to lobbyists’ gifts to our legislators.  He states, “Lobbyist gifts to Missouri legislators and other public officials surpassed $968,000 in 2013 according the Missouri Ethics Commission data.  That’s the total value of sports tickets, dinners, concert tickets, golfing … Continue reading

Be Careful What You Sign

Petition gatherers are seeking signatures for what they call the Teach Great Initiative (a proposed Missouri constitutional amendment).  In some instances they are telling potential signers they represent the “TEACHGREAT organization, a grass-root group of educators interested in keeping better teachers in public schools.” What the petition hopes to accomplish according to the website is:  “teachers … Continue reading

Missouri K-12 Underfunding by School District

Last week, the Missouri Budget Project came out with an important report containing information on just how much Missouri schools are underfunded. The key findings from the report include: State funding for K-12 education is currently $656 million under its required levels; Nearly 2 out of every 3 of Missouri’s school districts are underfunded by … Continue reading

Response from MPSA President Gary Sharpe to Gov. Nixon’s State of the State Address

Governor Nixon’s Clarion Call to Public School Supporters On Tuesday evening, January 21, Governor Jay Nixon acted as a true advocate for Missouri Public Schools by recommending nearly $500 million in increased STATE funding.  Such action by the STATE is long overdue and is a clarion call for all Missourians who care about the public schools to spring into action. … Continue reading

Do parents support education policy changes?

With all the attention given to drastic changes in public education policy, has anyone ever stopped to as whether parents would actually support the proposed changes? Heart Research Associates did. According to an article in the Washington Post, Most parents with children in public schools do not support recent changes in education policy, from closing … Continue reading

Thank you for your help defeating HB 253!

Congratulations to each one of you who was involved in the effort to defeat the override attempt of Governor Nixon’s veto of HB 253.  The defeat of this stark and blatant attempt to destabilize basic government services in Missouri was huge. Although the fight is far from over, this collective effort by statewide education associations … Continue reading